It's important that the legislature and Governor Ige hear from us about the importance of extending the Kupuna Caregivers program. They need to know that we can't afford to wait! 

Use the links below to contact your elected officials about supporting Senate Bill 2587 and House Bill 1912!

Contact the legislature

Use the search form in the center of the page to find your legislators. Enter your county name, street name (but not street number, or town or city) and zip code and click search. The search function is finicky, so if it doesn't work the first time, please read the instructions carefully and try again.

Once your search is successful, use the email address listed on your legislator's page to send them a note. Encourage them to vote yes for Senate Bill 2587 and House Bill 1912.

Contact Governor Ige

Use the form on the page to send Governor Ige a message. Urge him to sign the final Kupuna Caregivers expansion bill (which appropriates $2 million for the program) when it reaches his desk!