The Kupuna Caregivers program offers a $70/day benefit to families where a family caregiver works 30 hours/week outside the home in addition to providing care for an aging loved one in the home.  This program now offers long-needed resources and support to working families who care for their aging parents.

Do you qualify for the program, or think you might be eligible for the program? Do you currently receive support from Kupuna Caregivers, or have you applied for the Kupuna Caregivers program in the past?


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Every day, thousands of Hawai’i’s families provide loving care and support to their kupuna. However, given the high cost of care and intense demands of caregiving, too many families and family caregivers struggle to make ends meet or to balance their work with their caregiving responsibilities.  

By filling out the form, you are saying you want family caregivers to have the support they need, you want Kupuna Caregivers to succeed, and you want your ideas to be heard.