We need you to contact your legislators and ask them to support a real long-term plan for long-term care in Hawai‘i. 

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Yes, we support creating a program to help provide long-term care to all residents of Hawaii. Caring for one another is our responsibility, and we believe the state can help make that responsibility more feasible, especially for those low- and middle-income residents of Hawaii.


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Caring for our community is in line with our local values. In 2017, Hawai‘i has the opportunity to add a new piece of care infrastructure: our legislators can create a fund so that when you are in need of long-term care, you’ll be able to access financial resources to pay for care. Add your name and help us care for our kupuna!
When given the choice, ninety percent of people over age 65 prefer staying home to receive care rather than moving to a facility. Family members are dedicated caregivers, but providing that care creates financial and emotional stress.
Supporting home caregiving means Hawai‘i can honor the wishes of our seniors, who want to stay at home with their families, as well as help the caregiving families who work so hard to keep their loved ones at home safely.
But legislators need to know that all of us support this long-term care plan. Will you add your name and show your support today?